District Update (9.10.21)

Happy Friday Crane Family,
We hope you had a great week. Here are the updates for the past two weeks.
  • The Crane Mitigation Plan is available online at www.craneschools.org and on every Crane school webpage. Updates to the plan will be notated on page 1 of the Mitigation Plan. 
    • We will keep you updated as to any change in state law, case transmission trends, and guidance and recommendations provided by local, state, and federal health professionals, as well as decisions made by our district administrative team. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.
    • The Crane Mitigation Plan is available in English and Spanish 
    • There are no current updates from the last two weeks.


  • Governing Board Meeting:  Tuesday, September 14, 2021
    • The board meeting is open to the public; face masks are optional but recommended. 
    • If you can't make it in person, please visit our website using this LINK to find other participation methods (live streaming, phone dial-in).
    • We'll be welcoming our new Board Member, Audrey Garcia, who will be taking the Oath of Office during the meeting. We'd like to thank Carol Smith for her invaluable contribution as a Crane Board Member. You will always be part of the Crane Family. 
  • NOTICE REGARDING AGENDA ITEM: HEALTH PROGRAM FOR 8th GRADERSRecent legislation provides parents with an opportunity to participate in, review, and provide input on any proposed sex education course of study before it is adopted by a school board.  In addition, for any adopted sex education program this bill requires that parents wishing to allow their children the opportunity to participate would need to opt-in to the program by providing written permission to receive any instruction, learning materials or presentations in a program related to sexuality. Under previous law, parents were only able to opt-out of this type of instruction.
    • ​Please visit the following link to learn more about the proposed curriculum administered by the Yuma County Health Department: LINK 
    • September 14, 2021, at 5:00 pm - Governing Board Meeting where the proposed program will be an agenda item. 


  • SAFETY REMINDER: Please help us keep our learning community safe and healthy.
    • ​Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer regularly.
    • Clean and disinfect commonly used areas and surfaces.
    • Stay home when sick. If a student is at school and not feeling well, please have them let a teacher know that they feel ill. 
    • We highly encourage the use of face masks when indoors. 
    • Symptoms to watch out for: 
      • ​Cough
      • Fever
      • Congestion
      • Nausea
      • Fatigue
      • Chills
      • Headaches
  • Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) Vaccine InsightsLINK
  • September 11th: On the 20th anniversary of this tragic day in American history, we remember and honor the fallen and give thanks for the heroes who helped in the aftermath. We are grateful to the men and women who continue to answer the call of service each and every day - first responders, military personnel, healthcare professionals, community volunteers, educators and so many more. Thank you. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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